We Have Moved!
We are now located in the lobby of Center in The Square,
beside the Roanoke Wiener Stand.

About Us

It is impossible not to smile when you enter Roanoke's newest sweet spot, The Candy Store. Located in the heart of downtown, at 122 Campbell Avenue, The Candy Store is a sugar lover's paradise. With over 1200 kinds of candies, the eye popping array of dazzling colors will draw you in, and the outstanding selection of treats, plus the fantastic customer service, will keep you craving another visit.

The Candy Store is immaculately designed, exuding both a classic and sleek boutique feel, and a retro hipster vibe. Gleaming wood floors and simple white shelves and custom fabricated aluminum shelving house the classic style glass canisters that literally burst with a cornucopia of goodies. Can't make up your mind? Not to worry! Bulk pricing will enable you to sample one of everything and to create your own custom mix of awesome confectionary delights!  Endless flavors of taffies, gummies, jelly beans, caramels, licorice, gum balls, and chocolates, line the exposed brick walls of the space. On the row of tables lining the center of the store, you will be giddy with delight over the variety. Your senses will be in overload as you try to choose your favorite. A massive selection of artisan and time-honored chocolate bars mingle effortlessly amongst candy staples such as wax lips, giant Pixie Sticks, Pop Rocks, enormous gummy rats and life sized skulls, oversized boxes of Nerds, Zots,  lollipops, Gobstoppers, Pac Man and Mario sours, Goo Goo Clusters, and Idaho Spuds. If there is a sweet you crave, you will be sure to find it here.

The store was opened by Roanoke natives and brothers, Lawson and Robert Jaeger. After years spent living away from the Star City, (Lawson in Knoxville and Nashville, and Robert in New York and Connecticut), coming home presented the opportunity to start a business together. The pair, seeing a need in downtown Roanoke for family-friendly retail, decided to take a gamble. The brothers financed the store with their own capital, and invested heart and soul into the project. Lawson's background in advertising and Robert's experience in fashion marketing and public relations has allowed the brothers to showcase their talents.

The Candy Store is a wonderland of sweetness, to be sure.  The old adage, "Like a kid in a candy store," proves to be true for every age by entering into this unique and welcome addition to Roanoke. Stop in, grab a treat (or 1600!), and spend some time taking in the nostalgia of a simpler time.
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